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Executive Identifies Impact of "Brookstone Effect" -

Sees Key to Retail Leadership

Crystal Rockwood


SEAL BEACH, California -- To the casual observer, consumer technology and, in fact, the whole consumer economyApple vs Android can look like a clash of titans... Apple versus Android, Toyota versus GM, Burger King versus McDonalds...But to an experienced observer such as Ramon Winemberg, who has held senior executive positions with some of the best known companies in the US, there are patterns that help define who will win and who will lose.

Over the course of his career, Winemberg has learned a lot about managing a consumer services company and about how to survive and prosper in a hypercompetitive economy. That’s why he has a special appreciation for a lesson he learned at Brookstone. And he has valuable advice for businesses large and small: Surprise Me, Convenience Me, Satisfy MeBrookstone.

According to Winemberg, underneath all the famous brand names and behind the headlines that dominate coverage of business is a ubiquitous force, which he has named the “Brookstone Effect.”

As vice president at that well known retailer, Winemberg discerned the secret to their success and the secret to the success of many other consumer phenomena...Surprise, convenience, and satisfaction.

The surprise part at Brookstone was visible in their roots as a retailer of unusual products and gifts...According to Winemberg, “People loved their mail-order catalog because it was full of surprises: things you couldn’t find anywhere else and things, lots of them, you didn’t know you needed but you suddenly found that you wanted.” The products made the customer’s lives better and infused their lifestyles with convenience.  “Maybe that’s why consumers loved the brick and mortar locations even more... Brookstone became a destination – a toy store for grownups... People were drawn by the amazing products they found for sale there,” says Winemberg.

Then, there was satisfaction. Brookstone’s unique products worked. “It was high quality stuff.  And people were able to convert that pleasurable surprise and visions of more convenience in their lives into solid satisfaction,” says Winemberg. > Read full story...


Retailers Make a Pitch to Grads - as Employees

In a tough job market, retailers say they are eager to hire new college graduates

It's a tough job market out there, as many newly-minted college graduates are about to discover. But before they get discouraged about their prospects in their chosen field, the retail industry would like them to consider working in retail.

Maybe that's a depressing thought for someone who just spent $50,000 on a bachelor's degree, but it shouldn't. At least that's the view of Ramon Winemberg, a sales and operations executive with more than three decades of experience.

Winemberg, a former regional vice president for Brookstone stores in the western United States who also ran field operations for T-Mobile in Southern California and Nevada, says not all retailers and retail jobs are alike. High-end brands, especially, are in need of well-educated, capable employees. The sector, he says, is where the jobs are.

“The retail trade sector is the largest employer in the United States,” Winemberg said. “Even more compelling, the retail industry is expected to add even more sector jobs in the coming years and will continue to grow annually.”

While the current job market may not have openings in the field many graduates have chosen, chances are, Winemberg says, there's a retail outlet that can use their skills. For example, if you speak multiple languages, retailers with worldwide operations might find you attractive.  > Read full story...

Read article in Consumer Affairs   http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2012/05/retailers-make-pitch-to-new-grads-as-employees.html


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