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DCE Incorporated is a new business startup concept, in pre-launch, under design and development for an official start of operations in 2012. The DCE concept and business model is unlike anything in the marketplace today. Innovative and cutting edge, the foundation of the business is positioned to support and enhance one of the largest service business segments in the country today.

DCE Incorporated

The Company

This concept will focus on allowing the consumer to enjoy a new level of convenience and a value proposition not before seen. The consumer will be able to purchase products from some of the most popular consumer brands operating today. Essentially, the DCE Incorporated strategy is focused on designing an operation which will partner with twenty highly recognized regional and national companies to provide customers with highly desirable product options in an unlimited array of combinations. The partner companies will be positioned to realize expanded market reach and incremental market share through a favorable capital investment model. At the core of the DCE business concept will be an unyielding focus and expectation for providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction available today. 

The Customer

DCE Incorporated will create an innovative and interactive online platform for customers to use to do research and order exciting products and services. They will be able to create member profiles that will intuitively store interests and preferences, and make recommendations for future purchases. The customer will also have a platform to write product reviews and allow for social connections and communication with other customers.  The DCE customer will also have the unique ability to track their orders from creation through processing and through to delivery, all in real time.

DCE will offer an array of highly desired products and convenience fueled services that will appeal to most demographic segments from Generation Y, to Generation X, to both Young and Old Boomers. Consumers ranging from College Students to Retirees will have great interest in the company’s offerings and will embrace the value and convenience the company will offer. DCE Incorporated will market extensively through all channels including social media, and will develop cooperative marketing and branding programs with our nationally recognized partner businesses. Special focus will be placed on providing our member customers with a perpetual flow of discounts, events, and promotions.

The Culture

DCE Incorporated will be guided by a culture that will influence the company to operate as an ethical and trusted organization devoted to superior customer service, beneficial and supportive business relationships, an open, collaborative and team oriented environment,  and altruism to the communities we serve. DCE will be devoted to a number of community support programs and a variety of charitable initiatives. One primary initiative will be to provide employment opportunities and career training to former military personnel; especially returning war veterans. The company will also provide support to social programs focused on providing food and meals to those less fortunate.

157 Montara Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Phone:  949-735-9986