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Ramon Winemberg

Sales and Operations Management Executive

New Business Start-ups

Sales & Operations Business Consultant

National & International Market Expansions


Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Ramon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for DCE Incorporated, a new business start-up currently in pre-launch development. The DCE business strategy is centered on an innovative concept designed to provide consumers with new levels of convenience and service, and enhance one of the Nation’s major service business segments.


A Ray of Sunshine in the Economy for Fledgling Businesses

Tenured Business Executive Sees Many Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a small business association, reports that the Small Business Optimism Index gained 0.4 points in February, to 94.3. It doesn’t sound like a big increase, but it’s the second highest reading of this index since the recession began in December 2007. It also marks a sixth consecutive month of gains in a (fingers crossed!) trend upward.

Ramon Winemberg, a sales and operations executive with more than three decades of experience, concurs with these results and says today’s economy actually offers entrepreneurs many benefits. Winemberg himself is in the process of constructing a new business.

This former Regional Vice President for all Brookstone stores in the Western United States went on to run field operations for T-Mobile in Southern California and Nevada, says, “I think the stars are aligned for America’s businesses, small and large, and the nuances of an election year lend even more opportunity.”

Winemberg lists three key benefits this challenging economy presents to those with an entrepreneurial spirit:

  1. Because costs are down, it’s a buyers’ market for land, leases, equipment, and labor. This is the perfect time to lock in a long-term lease at a good price, purchase land or a building for a fraction of the cost it might have cost five years ago, and build a staff of quality employees who are excited for an opportunity and are willing and ready to work.

  2. Those who are in the service sector have a great opportunity to reinforce their positions in the industry. In the tough economy we’ve just plowed through weaker companies have ceased operations opening the landscape for start-up businesses with innovative business plans and smart strategies.

  3. More transition is ahead which could prove beneficial to new businesses. Those professionals who have stayed in jobs to weather out the economy or have been unable to find meaningful work start to move in to entrepreneurship and launch exciting concepts.

While he is keeping his new business under wraps until the official launch, Winemberg alludes that it is related to the restaurant industry, which, like retail, he says is cautiously optimistic. Winemberg believes that convenience has become a cornerstone of our society and those companies who look to fill a convenience niche in the service sector that haven’t yet been filled will be well positioned for success.

“People and organizations are ready to invest in motivated entrepreneurs and innovative new businesses. This is fiscally an opportune time to take advantage of great entry deals that are not present in a booming economy,” Winemberg says.

Ramon Winemberg is a senior sales and operations executive who led some of the nation’s top retailers in record sales and profits, and in directing growth and expansion. He is regularly consulted for his ability to create new business dimensions in customer services and in forming high-yield sales and management teams. Mr. Winemberg can be contacted at ramon@ramonwinemberg.com.


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